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Custom Websites in Odessa

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This is where it all began for us. "Back in my day...." all websites were custom built and coded by hand. With the rise of WordPress Websites this has become a much less common process for building a websites for the amount of time and money involved in custom development. While it does take more time and money to build a great, custom website the benfits are huge. Custom websites are entirely unique to your needs and they all but elimate the security concerns of Wordpress and other content management systems.

Typical Custom Website Applications

We have built custom websites for eveything from long standing, large businesses to one man startups like plumbers, HVAC, and electricians. The most common demoninator to those projects has been a desire to do something that is original, unique, and will stand the test of time. If you are unsure of the right direction, just holler. We can help you figure out what works best for your needs and budget.

Custom Websites Are Not For Everyone

With the current state of the web design world, you see far less completely custom websites. They are not for everyone, but when you need one little else will fit. We can help you figure out the best direction for your new website. If that is a completely custom build, we can handle it. If a Wordpress or Joomla project would fit better, we can do that also.

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