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Sonora Manufacturing develops and offers petroleum scale and corrosion technology. They are the leader in scaling technology and work with you to find a solution that works best for you. The team at Sonora Manufacturing is committed to offering the best products to our customers at a quality that is durable and a price that is reasonable. From atomizers to coupons and retractors to falderal, the team at Sonora Manufacturing is committed to offering only offer the best to you. With a product line including retractors with bleed valves, coupon analysis, chemical atomizers, coupon retractors, and customized products available to you, you are sure to find what you need at Sonora Manufacturing.

Through Sonora Manufacturing, plug type coupons and insertion tools, coupons, coupon analysis and reports, custom design on our products are available to fulfill your special needs. Coupon retractors come with and without bleed valves, and the body of the retractor is made completely with 1 1/4” hex 316 stainless steel. Body of the retractor is threaded ½” NPT for insertion in your flow line or pipeline. We can furnish bushings to adapt the retractor to what you require. Retractor shaft is ¼” round 316 stainless steel. Shaft seal is Teflon with a retaining nut. Coupon holder is Delrin (Amphenol upon request). Available for rod or flat coupons. Standard retractor comes complete with 1000# ball valves. Higher valve pressure ratings are available per your request. Retractors are available in the length you need 6” to 12’ rod lengths. Retractors work with corrosion or scale coupons. They can also analyze your coupons, both corrosion and scale, and offer a wide variety of products and services made for you.

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April 27, 2021

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