Toogood Built Homes: New Website

Toogood Built Homes in Lubbock, Texas, builds custom homes that are more than homes. When you build a custom home, it is a sanctuary, an escape, and your favorite place to be. At Toogood Built Homes, the team has a mission: They want you and your family to experience all of this — to feel as though you have walked into a fine resort hotel where you are able to relax, retreat, and enjoy and experience family. In the same way you love to stay in a hotel and be able to feel as though you have left the world behind, Toogood Built Homes desires that you are able to enjoy the home you live in every day.

The founders of Toogood Built Homes, Keith and Brandi Toogood, started their home building company with a desire to provide Lubbock with well-built homes that are built to the customer’s liking and are able to withstand the test of time. Today, the Toogood Built Homes team of eight people are there to serve you through the entire home building process. This includes office personnel, on-site personnel, and some skilled labor, and each member of the team believes in the call to serve their clients and community. From designing and building your dream home where your family will grow to making sure each detail is executed to your liking, the team at Toogood Built Homes works tirelessly to ensure that your custom home is truly your dream come true. Additionally, while custom homes are the focus at Toogood Built Homes, they also build many spec homes that go on the market throughout the year if you don’t have the time or funds to build your custom home.

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August 30, 2021

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